Hello Friends!
Thank You for your continued support!
In order to best serve all of our guests we request that dine in is limited to a 2 hour experience.
Stop by our new takeout window to bring Fat Cats home!
No smoking or vaping is permitted on the patio or inside the restaurant.

Kitchen Open: Monday –Thursday 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Friday & Saturday 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Sunday 11a.m. – 2p.m.


San Pellegrino Italian Sparkling Mineral Water | sm (250ml) $3 | med (500ml) $5 | table (1L) $7
Soda birch beer| cola | diet | lemon/lime | ginger ale $3
Iced Tea $3.5
Hot Tea Storehouse earl grey | masala chai black | bright mint green | raspberry rooibos | ginger lime rooibos | chamomile $3.5
Coffee rising star illuminator. hot $3 | iced $4
Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects N/A hoppy lager $5
Ginger Beer $4
PINA COLADA fresh orange, pineapple, coconut, lime $5
THE REMINGTON raspberry, pomegranate, mint, lemon $5
GUAVA GODDESS guava, passionfruit, cranberry, cherry, sugar rim $5
AMARA'S PINK LEMONADE fresh pink lemonade $4


CHAMOMILE MINT GIMLET // watershed guild gin, garden mint, fresh lime $12
LINDA ROSE // rosé sangria // vermut rosé, fresh grapefruit, rosé wine, prosecco rosé $13
J Lo // sangria blanco // la pivón blanco, dry curacao, lemon, soda $12
LITO'S GIRL // mule // Bourbon, pomegranate, lemon, ginger beer $11
BOULEVARDIER // negroni // Bourbon, campari, dolin rouge $12
FAT CAT // margarita // Tequila Blanco, fresh lime, cointreau $11
POBLANO ESCOBAR //margarita // Espolon Reposado, Poblano liqueur, pineapple, blood orange, lemon, hot honey $12
LAZY RIVER // rum punch// western reserve light rum, meyers's dark rum, mango, orange, pineapple, lime, white rock tonic $13
TITO'S HEARTBEET // mule// beet infused Tito's handmade vodka, pineapple, ginger beer $10
A LITTLE BIT ALEXIS // paloma // casamigos tequila blanco, grapefruit, lemon, luxardo, hot honey, soda $13
STEVE FRENCH // served up // Hendricks gin, yuzu, st. germain, grapefruit $12


BELLINI cava // peach or pear $10
MIMOSA cava // orange or grapefruit $10
SPRITZ cava // aperol, lemon, soda $9
HARVEY French 75 // Watershed apple brandy, lemon, cava $ 11


Cava Dibon | Esp $10 | 25
Prosecco Rosé DOC Carra | Italy $10 | 30
Mimosa Kit bottle of cava, juice variety $30

White Wine
Chardonnay Fableist | Central Coast $13 | 42
Rosé Trulli Primativo Rosato | Italy $11 | 38
Chenin Blanc Saumur Blanc | Loire Valley $12 | 40
White Blend Castellargo Albus Bianco | Italy $12 | 40

Red Wine
Cabernet Sauvignon Casas Del Bosque Reserva | Chile $10 | 30
Zinfandel Oracle Cellars "Callisto" | Mendocino $13 | 42
Pinot Noir Giapoza | California $11 | 38
Red Blend Alexis Soyer Black Gold | California $13 | 42


Rosé Bubbles (12 oz. can) Oregon $12 | 9 (carry-out)
Chenin Blanc (12 oz. can) Lubanzi by Cape Venture South Africa $12 | 9 (carry-out)
Pinot Noir (12 oz. can) Oregon Canned Red $12 | 9 (carry-out)

Draft Beer

Market Garden Lemon Shandy $6.5
Made with all natural lemon juice peel, this thirst-quenching shandy is a vibrant blend of pale wheat beer and sparkling lemon soda. It’s fresh, sweet-citrus notes come together for a lively and energizing brew 4.5% ABV
Urban Artifact Astrolabe PB&Grape Jelly $6.5
Ale brewed with Concord Grapes plus Roasted Peanuts 8.2% ABV
Thirsty Dog Pineapple IPA $6.5
An American Style IPA infused with Pineapple and hopped with Mosaic & Citra hops for a refreshing, fruit-flavored sensation. 5.75% ABV
Working Class Brewery Wing Walker Wheat $6.5
5% ABV

Ohio beer in bottles & cans

Brew Dog Nanny State Non Alcoholic Hoppy Ale $5
Brew Dog Punk AF Non Alcoholic IPA $5
Brew Dog Hazy AF Non Alcoholic New England Style IPA $5
Brew Dog Elvis Non Alcoholic Grapefruit IPA $5
Collective Arts Brewing life in the clouds double dry hopped IPA (16 oz. can) $6
Collective Arts Brewing raspberry dry hopped sour $6
Collective Arts Brewing stranger than fiction porter (16 oz. can) $6
Fat Heads bumble berry $5
Fat Heads grapefruit goggle fogger wheat $5
Fat Heads headhunter IPA $5.5
Fat Heads holly jolly $5
Great Lakes christmas ale $5
Great Lakes great lakes IPA $5
Goldhorn dead mans curve IPA $5
Goldhorn polka city pilsner $5
Jackie O's mystic mama west coast style IPA $5
Jackie O's who cooks for you hazy pale ale $5
Jolly Scholar lights out lager $5
Mad Tree happy amber ale $5
Mad Tree shade $5
Magis semi-dry cider $5
Market Garden prosperity wheat $5
Market Garden pin high pilsner $5
Royal Docks backyard crusher $5
Royal Docks leatherhead IPA (16 oz. can) $5
Royal Docks pav's creamery salted caramel blonde dessert ale $6
Urban Artifact the gadget midwest fruit tart ale $6

Import beer in bottles & cans

Downeast Cider unfiltered craft cider $5
Miller lite $3
Press premium hard seltzer
pomegranate ginger | blackberry hibiscus | lime lemongrass | grapefruit cardamom $5
Rolling Rock pale ale $3



Heart of palm “Fried Calamari”( v )house cocktail sauce $9
Poached Clams house peanut sauce, jalapeño $9 ( gfo ) crispy pork belly, buttery clam broth, crostini, thyme $12
Pizza Special slow roasted cherry tomato, gruyere, zucchini, calabrian chili, garlic & oil, dried sausage, green olives $10
Hanger Steak (gf) mashed potatoes, grilled vegetable, house steak sauce $24
Adobo Fried Chicken creamy jasmine rice, chili slaw, fermented pickle remoulade $17
Black Bean Patty Melt (vg) tillamook cheddar, mustard slaw, house potato salad $13
Fish Tacos spiced fish, pickled onion, grilled jalapeño, slow roasted cherry tomato, crema $14
Swordfish creamy jasmine rice, asparagus, salsa verde $24
Pancit rice noodle, zucchini, onion, carrot, kimchi, barbecue pork $15
with chicken $15
with shrimp $16
with swordfish $16

All Day Menu*

Lunch meets dinner in our menu available everyday open to close!

Soup, Salad & Small Plates

Bread & Tapenade (v) stone oven bread, olive tapenade, olive oil, balsamic vinegar $3
Pasta Fagioli (vg, vo, gfo) tuscan white bean soup, parmesan crouton $7
Chicken Curry Soup vermicelli, zucchini, mushroom, coconut milk, cilantro, lime $7

House Salad (vg, vo, gf) mixed greens, toasted walnut, parmesan, carrot, white balsamic $8
Tossed Salad (vg, vo, gf) half portion of house salad $4
Caesar Salad (gf) romaine, parmesan, house caesar dressing, crispy chickpeas $10
with chicken $13
with salmon $14

Bacon Cobb (vgo, gf) mixed local greens, roasted beets, gorgonzola, poached egg, apple, red wine dressing $11
with chicken $13
with Salmon $14

Kale Salad (vg, gf) avocado, red onion, gorgonzola, crispy olives, french dressing $10
with chicken $13
with salmon $14

Grilled Octopus (gf) garlic, avocado, preserved lemon, olive oil, cashews, cucumber $11
Kimchi Potatoes (gf, vo) fat cat potatoes, brussels sprout kimchi, jalapeño, fried eggt $9.5
Banh Bao (2 steam buns) hoisin, jalapeño, pickled daikon, carrot, cilantro, pork $8 or with tofu (v) $8
Lumpia (crispy spring rolls) bavette beef, cabbage, onion, sweet and sour sauce $8
Pierogies (vg) potato, cheddar, onion filled. crema, house sauerkraut, fried egg $10
Dumplings (v) cabbage, mushrooms, onion, calabrian chili, ponzu $10
Pizza (vg) tomato, bufala mozzarella, parmesan $10
Brussels Sprouts (vg, vo, gf) cashew, yogurt curry dressing $10
Crispy Fried Shrimp nuoc cham dipping sauce $11
Fried Calamari sweet & sour dipping sauce $12
Braised Mushrooms (vg) cremini mushrooms, onion, tomato, triple creme cheese, crostini $9
Herb Crusted Goat Cheese (vg) tomato jam, crostini $9


Fried Chicken Sandwich - buttermilk chicken breast, pickle, crunchy cabbage slaw, sriracha aioli, sweet frites $13
House Burger (gfo) applewood smoked bacon, aioli, cheddar, fried egg, pommes frites $13
Tofu Banh Mi (v) cashew crusted tofu, jalapeño, cilantro, carrot, daikon, herb tahini, sweet frites $13
Crab Melt - siciliano bread, lump crab meat salad, gruyere cheese, mixed salad greens $13
Beet Burger (vg, vo) creamy cabbage slaw, avocado, challah bun, sweet potato fries $13
Salmon Burger mashed avocado, curry slaw, challah bun, sweet potato fries, tomato jam $14

Bowls & Plates

Vegetable Rice Bowl (v, gfo) roasted seasonal vegetables, brown rice $13
with cashew tofu $14 with chicken $15 with salmon $15
Pork Noodle Salad - barbecue pork belly, vermicelli noodle, zucchini, grilled jalapeno, cabbage, cashew, cucumber kimchi, chili dressing. Lunch $13 | Dinner $15
Tofu Noodle Salad (v) cashew crusted tofu, vermicelli noodle, zucchini, carrot, grilled jalapeño, scallion, cabbage, cucumber, cilantro, chili dressing. Lunch $13 | Dinner $14
Penne Pasta- sweet sausage, mushroom, green beans, tomato sauce, chevre. Lunch $14 | Dinner $17
Mac N Cheese (vg) tillamook cheddar, toasted bread crumbs, grape jam $15 with chicken $17
Sweet Potato Tacos (v) spiced sweet potatoes, black beans, cucumber, pachino tomato, pickled jalapeño, tofu crema $12
Barbecue Ribs- st. louis cut, korean barbecue sauce, sweet & sour slaw, fat cat potatoes, tomato jam. Lunch $14 | Dinner $23
Bavette Steak (gfo) fat cat potatoes, grilled vegetable , house worcestershire sauce.
Lunch $14 | Dinner $23
Steak Tacos-bavette beef, tomato, onion, cucumber, grilled jalapeño, crema, fat cat potatoes $14
Crispy Duck Confit(gf) mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, blueberry relish, whipped chevre $17
Arroz Caldo(gf) creamy jasmine rice, ginger, garlic, chicken, calabrian chili, poached egg
chicken $15 | shrimp $16 |pork belly $15
Shrimp Curry (gf) texas shrimp, zucchini, carrot, scallion, jasmine rice, mushroom, coconut red curry $17

v = vegan
vg = vegetarian
vo = vegan option
vgo = vegetarian option
gf = gluten free
gfo = gluten free option

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Weekend Brunch*

Available Saturday 11-4 & Sunday 11-2

William's "Wake Up" Breakfast Sandwich - challah bun, scrambled eggs, house bacon, avocado, slaw, sweet potato fries $13
Brunch Burger (gfo) aioli, applewood bacon, cheddar, fried egg, house slaw, potato fries $13
Buckeye Burrito - sausage, scrambled egg, cheddar, pickled jalapeño, black beans, tomato, crema, onion, fat cat potatoes $13
Veggie Burrito (vg, vo) zucchini, onion, black beans, cheddar, tomato, kale, scrambled egg, crema, fat cat potatoes $13
Vegetable Omelette (vg, gf) roasted vegetables, tillamook cheddar, tomato, fat cat potatoes $13
Ham & Cheese Omelette (gf) porchetta, onion, tillamook, cheddar, fat cat potatoes $13
Eggs Norwegian - cold smoked salmon, toasted bread, two poached eggs, braised greens, hollandaise sauce, fat cat potatoes $14
with pork belly $13
Ham Hash - fat cat potatoes, onion, kale, poached egg, house hollandaise sauce $13
Cold Smoked Salmon Hash $14
Vegetable Hash (vg, vo) $12
French Toast - krzys family maple syrup, orange cranberry sauce, whipped cream $12
Side of Bacon $5 (gf) Side of Potatoes $5

Kids Menu

This menu is available for children under age 12.

Pasta (vg) butter, parmesan $6
Pasta (v) marinara $6
Mac 'N Cheese (vg) $6
Melted Cheese Sandwich (vg) french fries $6
Crispy Chicken Fingers french fries $6
Hamburger french fries $6

Dessert Menu

Fallen Chocolate Cake salted caramel ice cream, warm chocolate sauce $7.5
Vegan Apple Cobbler vegan vanilla ice cream $7.5
Lavendar Creme Brulee (gf) $7.5
Peanut Butter Cheesecake blueberry sauce, toasted almonds $7.5

Dog Menu

Dog Gone Delicious steak, brown rice, vegetables $5
Chicken Dog chicken, brown rice, vegetables $5
$2 for every dog meal goes directly to the APL's Project Care
Learn More

Catering Menu

Priced for 5 | 10 People (need 24 hour notice, shareable portions)

Chicken Parmesan - tomato, bufala mozzarella $30 | $60
Chicken Augusto - chicken breast, lemon butter $30 | $60
Penne Marinara (vg) $25 | $50
Penne with Meatballs $25 | $50
Penne with Roasted Vegetables (vg) (vg) $25 | $50
Fat Cat Penne (vo) sausage, mushroom, green beans, tomato, parmesan $25 | $50
Arroz Caldo (gf) chicken, creamy jasmine rice, carrots, onion $30 | $60
Chicken Mac 'N Cheese (vgo) chicken, tillamook cheddar, cream $30 | $60
St. Louis Ribs - korean barbecue sauce $40 | $80
Sweet Potato Tacos (v) black beans, cucumber, pachino tomato, pickled jalapeño, tofu crema $20 | $40
Salmon (gf) capers, preserved lemons, olives, $45 | $90
Swordfish (gf) capers, preserved lemons $45 | $90
Shrimp Augusto - lemon butter $45 | $ 90
Cashew Crusted Tofu (v) vegetable quinoa, chili dressing $25 | $50
Pancit - barbecue pork belly, vermicelli, carrot, zucchini, pickled jalapeño, egg $30 | $60
Bavette Steak (gf) chimichurri $50 | $100

Sides for 5 | 10

Mac 'N Cheese $20 | $40
Potato Salad $15 | $30
Meatballs (10) $15 | $30
Mashed Potatoes $15 | $30
Roasted Vegetables $20 | $40
Grilled Green Beans $20 | $40
Brussels Sprouts $25 |$50

Pints | Quarts

House Marinara $6 | $11
House Tomato Jam $7 | $13
House Worcestershire Sauce $7 | $13
House Steak Sauce $7 | $13
Pasta Fagioli $7 | $13